Low-Level Tezos Golang Client Library
TzGo is Blockwatch's Golang SDK for the Tezos blockchain. It is fully compatible with the Tezos Node RPC, supports binary and JSON encoded Micheline, and works with all currently deployed protocols up to Granada.
Use TzGo to read, monitor, decode, translate, analyze and debug data from the Tezos blockchain, and in particular from Tezos smart contracts. It works in a fully decentralized way without the need for third party APIs.
Currently, TzGo includes the following libraries:
  • low-level Tezos types library tzgo/tezos to handle all sorts of hashes, addresses and other types found on-chain
  • powerful Micheline library tzgo/micheline to decode and translate data found in smart contract calls, storage, and bigmaps
  • RPC library tzgo/rpc for accessing the Tezos Node RPC
Learn more on the TzGo Developer Documentation.