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Version: 0.9.0

Migrating from TzStats to TzPro API

TzPro is a superset of the TzStats API. It is also its successor: the TzStats API is slated to shut down on October 31, 2023. All API routes you're familiar with still exist and data remains the same.

With TzPro, we offer a wealth of new data on tokens, DeFi, NFTs, as well as Tezos Domains and TzProfiles. If you're coming from TzStats, learn more on how to migrate over from the TzStats API to TzPro below.

Creating a TzPro Account

Migrating to TzPro is easy. All you need is a personal API key that you send with every request. To get started, sign up for your free TzPro account on the Sign Up page. We need your email address, a fresh password, and your first and last name for billing. Please be sure that you agree to the Terms. Optionally, you can opt in to receiving the Blockwatch newsletter if you'd like us to keep you up to date.

Once you've created your new account, please activate it by clicking on the email verification link that was sent to you. Check your spam folder in case you don't see the mail. In the rare case that you don't, reach out to us via hello at blockwatch dot cc and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Generating your API key

If you own a TzPro account, you can create and manage your TzPro API keys on your user dashboard. After logging in, click on API Keys on the left hand sidebar. You are then greeted with a table that lists your keys. Since you haven't created one, click on Add key on the top right of the table.


Generating a new key is straightforward. First, choose a short and unique name with a maximum of 32 characters. Use these fields to manage key lifecycle and remember which team members or services use a key.


Configure how traffic is handled by choosing an environment (Development, Staging, or Production) and target network (Mainnet, Staging, Ghostnet, Nairobinet). Note that all keys work regardless of selected network when you call https://api.{network}

Security Features

Additionally, we offer several optional security features, e.g. Origin Domains, Source IP Addresses, and HMAC Secret. These features are designed to help protect your key against misuse. We recommend enabling one or more features in situations where you ship your key inside an app to untrusted environments such as mobile apps or web browsers.

Each feature has its pros and cons and none of them provide 100% security. We therefore advise you to rotate keys used in the wild in regular intervals (if feasible) and phase out old keys after some time. Use your TzPro dashboard to monitor API usage per key.

API Endpoints

See TzPro API Access for a list of available TzPro API endpoints.

Access Plans

Getting started with TzPro is free. The free entry plan contains up to 100,000 requests per month on the TzPro Indexing API. If you need more than 100k requests for month or archive node access, choose one of the two paid options PRO or MAX. Learn more about pricing here.

For individual SLAs and bare metal speed we also offer private instances. Contact us at hello at blockwatch dot cc.