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Version: 0.9.0

🌮 TzPro Tezos Index API

The Tezos Index API is TzPro's indexer model which provides unified access to low level blocks, operations, wallets and smart contracts. This API is supposed to simplify your Tezos development experience by supporting search, filter and pagination of on-chain objects. Most parts of our unified data models remain stable across network upgrades which lowers integration and maintenance costs.


TzIndex API is a good starting point when you are interested in low-level activity and raw smart contract data. For financial assets, DeFi and NFTs use the high-level APIs instead.

TzIndex API Services

  • explorer – current and historic on-chain data and statistics
  • tables – raw data access for bulk analytics on very large quantities of data
  • series – aggregate statistics for charting and reporting
  • metadata – curated off-chain and on-chain address labels and smart contract metadata
  • markets – off-chain Tezos fiat and crypto pairs and on-chain asset prices