🔑 Get your API key

You need an active API key to access TzPro. Sign up for a blockwatch account and contact us at [email protected] for further details on how to activate your subscription.


To access TzPro you must send your API key with every request.
We support two ways to send your API key:
  • as custom HTTP header X-API-Key
  • as query parameter api_key=YOUR_API_KEY
We recommend the header method for security, but if for any reason your tools does not support sending headers, e.g. Excel or Google Sheets, you may send query parameters as well. For user-facing apps, do never ship your API key with the frontend, instead use a proxy server to tunnel all requests to the API.

Security Features

If you still want to integrated your key into your web app or mobile app, bear in mind that this exposes it to potential abuse by third parties, we offer some optional security features to limit your exposure.
  • origin domain whitelist which blocks requests not originating from your own domain
  • source IP whitelist which blocks requests not originating from your selected IP address(es)
  • custom call limits for cost ceiling control