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Version: 0.9.0

TzPro API Features

TzPro is a new API design with a focus on assets like NFTs and DeFi tokens. The API offers a unified data model for common DeFi building blocks such as DEX pools, staking farms, lending protocols and NFT markets. Activity from different protocol implementations is indexed and mapped to the unified data model so that you can query live and historic data on all positions, trades, prices, wallet balances, transfers and more across many supported protocols (see each API section for a list of currently supported protocols).

TzPro provides access to three layers of APIs under a single roof:

  • Tezos RPC (rolling and archive node)
  • TzIndex API (legacy)
  • TzPro Token, DeFi, NFT APIs (v1)

Parts of these APIs are open and free for the Tezos Community including access to all new API features for individual wallet addresses. Only an API key is required. Other parts require a paid subscription.

RPC Rolling Mode
RPC Archive Mode
Mainnet TzIndex (legacy)
Testnet TzIndex (legacy)
Wallet API (mainnet only)
Token Index (mainnet only)
DeFi Index (mainnet only)
NFT Index (mainnet only)
Identity Index (mainnet only)
Price Index (mainnet only)
Firehose Access
Events (websocket/SSE)
API Keys2515
Rate Limits100,000/mo2M/mo10M/mo
Burst Limits5/s--

Transport Security

The TzPro API uses TLS v1.3 and v1.2 only. Certificates are signed by LetsEncrypt Authority X3 certificate. Insecure HTTP requests to port 80 are automatically redirected to HTTPS on port 443.


The TzPro API supports cross-origin HTTP requests, commonly referred to as CORS. This means you can call the API using Javascript from any browser. CORS support is automatically activated on your TzPro API key. You can optionally lock your API key to a web domain or IP address range for protection against simple forms of spoofing.