RPC Reference

The Tezos node RPC is the authoritative source of truth about transaction history and current state of all accounts and smart contracts across the Tezos network. TzPro offers access to an elastic cluster of Tezos archive nodes as well as dedicated nodes to efficiently power your applications and scale as you grow.
This guide explains how to use the RPC in order to read and decode different kinds of data as well as how to prepare and send transactions. For the official RPC documentation see
On a high level Tezos, separates between two groups of RPC endpoints: protocol-independent endpoints (shell) which may change with new versions of the Tezos node, and protocol-dependent endpoints (economic protocol) whose structure and data types may change with the adoption of new protocols. Together, the two endpoints let you:
  • read historic transactions, blocks and state changes /chains/main/blocks/*
  • read current state of accounts, smart contract and their on-chain storage /chains/main/blocks/head/context/*
  • read historic state of accounts, smart contract and their on-chain storage at any point in the past /chains/main/blocks/*/context/* (this feature is only available with full archive nodes)
  • read in-flight transactions currently waiting for block inclusion inside the mempool /chains/main/mempool/pending_operations
  • simulate smart contract calls and other transactions or call off-chain-views into smart contracts to access computed values on top of current state /chains/main/blocks/head/helpers/scripts/run_operation
  • publish signed transactions into the network /injection/operation
  • monitor for new blocks, reorganizations, etc /monitor/*
  • manage and inspect the Tezos node (not available on TzPro for security reasons)