Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blockwatch TzPro?

TzPro by Blockwatch Data Inc. is enterprise-grade Tezos infrastructure as a service. We offer elastic APIs on shared or dedicated servers for use in your Tezos applications.

Do you have a free API plan?

Yes. When you sign up for your account on TzPro, you are automatically enrolled in our free community plan. This plan offers 10,000 API calls per month. If you require more, subscribe to our PRO plan.

When do I need a paid plan?

If you require more than 10,000 API calls per month, would like to boot dedicated Tezos node and RPC instances, or are interested in other premium services and add-ons, a paid plan is the right choice for you.

What is the TzPro Spot API?

The TzPro Spot API lets you pay for used API capacity and is the best way to support an elastic workload. We measure and bill performed API calls in thousands for each calendar month. The first 10,000 calls are free. Thereafter calls are priced in tiers.

Do you have API rate limits?

Yes but only on our free plan, which is limited to 10,000 calls per month. The paid TzPro spot API and on-demand instances are unlimited.

What are On-Demand Instances?

On-demand servers are private APIs just for you. Decide how much capacity you you require for your workload and we will pre-bill you. All servers are professionally managed and secured. They come with unlimited API calls and up to 30TB traffic inclusive. When you purchase multiple instances, we can load-balance your private traffic.

Are on-demand instances rate limited?

No. On-demand instances include unlimited API calls.

How can I pay?

Currently, all services are paid in USD via Stripe.

Where can I contact support?

Contact us via e-mail at [email protected]