API Access

🔑 Obtaining an API key

You need an active API key to access the TzPro API. Get your API key by signing up for a free user account on TzPro. You'll then find your personal API key on your account page. You can create several API keys and revoke them as you please.


You must include your API key with every request to the TzPro API.
We support the following two ways to send your API key:
  • as custom HTTP header X-API-Key
  • as query parameter api_key=YOUR_API_KEY
While an HTTP header is the most secure way, i.e. your key will not be stored in server and proxy log files, it may not be possible for you to use this method due to restrictions of the tool you use, e.g. Excel or Google Sheets. For application developers with access to low-level HTTP features, we strongly recommend using the header method only.

Security Features

API keys may be integrated with your web apps and mobile applications, but bear in mind that this exposes your API keys to potential abuse by third parties. If in doubt, use a private proxy service or contact us if you require a more secure deployment solution.
TzPro API keys allow you to specify the following optional security features on key creation:
  • origin domain whitelist to block all requests not originating from your web domain
  • source IP whitelist to block all requests not originating from your selected IP address
  • custom call limits on your subscription for cost control