Supply Series

Lists running supply totals at each block. Collapse selects data from the first block in a time window.

HTTP Response

height int64
block height
cycle int64
block cycle
time datetime
block creation time
total money
total available supply (including unclaimed)
activated money
total activated fundraiser supply
unclaimed money
total non-activated fundraiser supply
circulating money
current circulating supply total - unvested
liquid money
metric to show how much is economically available for sale, i.e. total - frozen - unvested
delegated money
current delegated supply (balances of all delegators)
staking money
current staking supply (balances of delegators and all bakers even if inactive, see below)
shielded money
current shielded supply (balances held in Sapling contracts)
active_stake money
current network-wide active stake (Ithaca+).
active_delegated money
current active delegated supply (balances of all delegators delegating to active bakers)
active_staking money
current active staking supply (balances of all active bakers and their delegators)
inactive_delegated money
current inactive delegated supply (balances of all delegators delegating to inactive bakers)
inactive_staking money
current inactive staking supply (balances of all inactive bakers and their delegators)
minted money
total supply minted so far
minted_baking money
total supply minted as baking rewards
minted_endorsing money
total supply minted as endorsing rewards
minted_seeding money
total supply minted as seed nonce revelation rewards
minted_airdrop money
total supply minted in airdrops
minted_subsidy money
Issued supply as liquidity baking subsidy (started in Granada).
burned money
total supply burned so far
burned_double_baking money
total supply burned by double baking denunciations
burned_double_endorse money
total supply burned by double endorsing denunciations
burned_origination money
total supply burned by contract originations
burned_allocation money
total supply burned by implicit account allocations
burned_seed_miss money
total supply burned by seed nonce revelation misses
burned_storage money
total supply burned by allocating storage
burned_explicit money
supply burned by sending it to a burn address
burned_absence money
supply burned by not issuing endorsing rewards to absent bakers
burned_rollup money
supply burned by rollup punishments.
frozen money
current frozen supply
frozen_deposits money
current frozen deposits
frozen_rewards money
current frozen rewards
frozen_fees money
current frozen fees
frozen_bonds money
current frozen rollup bonds
count int
Number of aggregated rows. This series does a selection, so count is always equal to 1.

Example Request

curl ""

Example Response

815478, // height
199, // cycle
1581161668000, // time
825170161.728791, // total
548313102.872648, // activated
63141775.537532, // unclaimed
699889185.554441, // circulating
629889185.554441, // liquid
516489777.211404, // delegated
660867550.008684, // staking
0, // shieled
649473768.198626, // active_stake
514264193.700025, // active_delegated
649473768.198626, // active_staking
2225583.511379, // inactive_delegated
11393781.810058, // inactive_staking
61045504.551923, // minted
12446481.404808, // minted_baking
48595263.514794, // minted_endorsing
3159.625000, // minted_seeding
600.007321, // minted_airdrop
0, // minted_subsidy
193940.835832, // burned
114197.267834, // burned_double_baking
31838.219485, // burned_double_endorse
7221.767000, // burned_origination
37584.857000, // burned_allocation
3098.724513, // burned_seed_miss
10.001, // burned_storage
0, // burned_explicit
0, // burned_absence
0, // burned_rollup
54639772.184175, // frozen
52997504.000000, // frozen_deposits
1641852.516645, // frozen_rewards
415.667530 // frozen_fees
0, // frozen_bonds
1, // count