Operation Series

GET https://api.tzpro.io/series/op?args
Lists aggregate data about operations. Filters are the same as on the operation table, but response fields are limited to numeric data that can be aggregated over time. Aggregation function for all fields is sum.

HTTP Response

time datetime
Timestamp, start of interval.
gas_used int
Total gas used by all operations.
storage_paid int
Total storage paid by all operations.
volume float
Total amount of tokens transferred by all operations in tez.
fee float
Fees paid by all operation in tez.
reward float
Rewards earned in by all operation tez.
deposit float
Amount of deposited tokens by all operation in tez.
burned float
Amount of burned tokens by all operation in tez.
count int
Number of aggregated rows for this time bucket.

Example Request

curl "https://api.tzpro.io/series/op?start_date=today&collapse=1d"

Example Response

1570060800000, // time
8187812, // gas_used
0, // storage_paid
1493221.154887, // volume
2.228532, // fee
63790.000000, // reward
2052480.000000, // deposit
42.148000, // burned
17867317.80054702 // days_destroyed
2000, // count