Chain Series

Lists running totals and counters at each block. Collapse selects data from the first block in a time window.

HTTP Response

height int64
block height
cycle int64
block cycle
time int64
block creation time
total_accounts int64
total number of accounts (all types, all states)
total_contracts int64
total number of deployed smart contracts (KT1 with code)
total_rollups int64
total number of deployed rollups.
total_ops int64
total number of operations (external and internal, but not implicit events)
total_ops_failed int64
total number of failed operations.
total_contract_ops int64
total number of calls to KT1 contracts
total_contract_calls int64
total number of calls to KT1 contracts sent by EOA
total_rollup_calls int64
total number of rollup calls.
total_activations int64
total number of fundraiser account activations
total_nonce_revelations int64
total number of seed nonce revelations
total_endorsements int64
total number of endorsement operations
total_preendorsements int64
total number of preendorsement operations
total_double_bakings int64
total number of double-baking denunciations
total_double_endorsements int64
total number of double-(pre)endorsing denunciations
total_delegations int64
total number of delegations (including delegation withdrawals)
total_reveals int64
total number of pubkey revelations
total_originations int64
total number of contract originations (contains pre-Babylon delegation contracts)
total_transactions int64
total number of transactions (contains internal transactions)
total_proposals int64
total number of voting proposals operations
total_ballots int64
total number of voting ballots
total_constants int64
total number of registered global constants
total_set_limits int64
total number of deposit limit operations
total_storage_bytes int64
total number of allocated storage in bytes
total_orphans int64
total number of alternative blocks
funded_accounts int64
current number of funded accounts (non-zero balance)
dust_accounts int64
current number of dust accounts (0 < balance < 1 tez)
unclaimed_accounts int64
current number of unclaimed fundraiser accounts
total_delegators int64
current number on non-zero balance delegators
active_delegators int64
current number of non-zero balance delegators delegating to active delegates
inactive_delegators int64
current number of non-zero balance delegators delegating to inactive delegates
total_bakers int64
current number of registered delegates (active and inactive)
dust_delegators int64
current number of dust delegators
active_bakers int64
current number of active delegates
inactive_bakers int64
current number of inactive delegates
zero_bakers int64
current number of active delegates with zero staking balance
self_bakers int64
current number of active delegates with no incoming delegation
single_bakerss int64
current number of active delegates with 1 incoming delegation
multi_bakers int64
current number of active delegates with >1 incoming delegations (delegation services)
rolls int64
current number of rolls
roll_owners int64
current number of distinct active bakers with rolls
count int
Number of aggregated rows. This series does a selection, so count is always equal to 1.

Example Request

curl ""

Example Response

815464, // height
199, // cycle
1581160828000, // time
425778, // total_accounts
316, // total_contracts
0, // total_rollups
20554157, // total_ops
123456, // total_ops_failed
104074, // total_contract_ops
20000, // total_contract_calls
0, // total_rollup_calls
22179, // total_activations
25277, // total_nonce_revelations
17393631, // total_endorsements
0, // total_preendorsements
131, // total_double_bakings
24, // total_double_endorsements
54288, // total_delegations
272080, // total_reveals
29052, // total_originations
2755973, // total_transactions
494, // total_proposals
1036, // total_ballots
0, // total_constants
0, // total_set_limits
122042155, // total_storage_bytes
387718, // funded_accounts
200000, // dust_accounts
9346, // unclaimed_accounts
29352, // total_delegators
28005, // active_delegators
1347, // inactive_delegators
10, // dust_delegators
4031, // total_bakers
461, // active_bakers
3570, // inactive_bakers
8, // zero_bakers
138, // self_bakers
68, // single_bakers
255, // multi_bakers
81005, // rolls
433 // roll_owners
1, // count