Block Series

Lists aggregate data about blocks. Filters are the same as on the block table, but response fields are limited to numeric data that can be aggregated over time. Aggregation function for all fields is sum.

HTTP Response

time datetime
Timestamp, start of interval.
n_endorsed_slots int64
Count of endorsed slots.
n_ops_applied int
Count of successful operations.
n_ops_failed int
Count of failed operations.
n_calls int
Count of smart-contract calls sent by externally owned accounts.
n_rollup_calls int
Count of rollup operations.
n_events int
Count of implicit smart-contract operations (issued by the protocol instead of users).
volume float
Count of amount of tokens moved between accounts.
fee float
Total fee paid (and frozen) by all operations.
reward float
Reward earned (and frozen) by baker.
deposit float
Deposit frozen by baker.
activated_supply float
Total amount of commitments activated in tez.
minted_supply float
Total amount of new tokens minted by operations in tez.
burned_supply float
Total amount of tokens burned by operations in tez.
n_new_accounts int
Count of new accounts created regardless of type.
n_new_contracts int
Count of created smart contracts (KT1 with code).
n_cleared_accounts int
Count of accounts that were emptied (final balance = 0).
n_funded_accounts int
Count of accounts that were funded by operations (this includes all new accounts plus previously cleared accounts that were funded again).
gas_used int
Total gas consumed by operations.
storage_paid int
Total sum of new storage allocated by operations.
days_destroyed float
Token days destroyed.
count int
Number of aggregated rows for this time bucket.

Example Request

curl ""

Example Response

1570060800000, // time
1440, // count
32, // n_endorsed_slots
25002, // n_ops_applied
6, // n_ops_failed
2, // n_calls
0, // n_rollup_calls
0, // n_events
1489819.569887, // volume
2.223532, // fee
79822.000000, // reward
2565504.000000, // deposit
8522.749680, // activated_supply
42.148000, // minted_supply
42.148000, // burned_supply
152, // n_new_accounts
0, // n_new_contracts
46, // n_cleared_accounts
164, // n_funded_accounts
8167612, // gas_used
214, // storage_paid
17867256.383035008, // days_destroyed