Snapshot Table

List network-wide staking status across all bakers and delegators at snapshot blocks. this table contains all snapshots regardless of them being later chosen as cycle snapshot or not.

HTTP Response

row_id uint64
Unique row identifier.
height int64
Block height of this snapshot.
cycle int64
Cycle of this snapshot.
is_selected bool
Flag indicating this snapshot was randomly selected as cycle snapshot.
time datetime
Block time of this snapshot.
index int64
Snapshot index in the cycle [0..15].
rolls int64
(baker only) Number of rolls owned by the delegate.
active_stake money
(baker only) Amount of stake owned by the baker.
account_id uint64
Unique row_id of the account this snapshot relates to.
baker_id uint64
Unique row_id of the baker this account delegates to.
is_baker bool
Flag indicating the current account is a baker.
is_active bool
Flag indicating the current account is an active baker.
balance money
Account staking balance (for bakers) or spendable balance (for delegators).
delegated money
(baker-only) Incoming delegated amount in tz.
n_delegations int64
(baker-only) Incoming number of non-zero delegations.
since int64
(delegator-only) Block height at which this delegation was created.
address hash
Account address.
baker hash
Account delegate address.
since_time datetime
(delegator-only) Timestamp when this delegation was created.

Example Request

curl ""
import (
// create a new query object
q := tzstats.DefaultClient.NewSnapshotQuery()
// add filters and configure the query
q.WithFilter(tzstats.FilterModeEqual, "address", "tz2TSvNTh2epDMhZHrw73nV9piBX7kLZ9K9m").
WithFilter(tzstats.FilterModeEqual, "cycle", 150).
WithFilter(tzstats.FilterModeEqual, "is_selected", true).
// execute the query
list, err := q.Run(context.Background())
// process rows
if _, snapshot := range list.Rows {

Example Response (comments added for explanation)

25384634, // row_id
616960, // height
150, // cycle
1, // is_selected
1569042994000, // time
9, // index
3915, // rolls
31320000, // active_stake
278469, // account_id
278469, // baker_id
1, // is_baker
1, // is_active
3216395.662038, // balance
28104896.167331, // delegated
7, // n_delegations
361000, // since
"tz2TSvNTh2epDMhZHrw73nV9piBX7kLZ9K9m", // address
"tz2TSvNTh2epDMhZHrw73nV9piBX7kLZ9K9m", // baker
1553123692000 // since_time