Operation Table

GET https://api.tzpro.io/tables/op?args
List detailed information about operations. Note that Tezos supports batch operations and internal operations created by smart contract calls in response to a transaction. On both types multiple ops share the same hash.

HTTP Response

row_id uint64
Unique row identifier.
type enum
Operation type, one of activation, double_baking, double_endorsement, double_preendorsement, nonce_revelation, transaction, origination, delegation, reveal, endorsement, preendorsement, proposal, ballot, register_constant, deposits_limit or implicit event type bake, seed_slash, unfreeze, airdrop, invoice, subsidy, deposit, reward, bonus, rollup_origination, rollup_transaction, update_consensus_key, drain.
hash hash
Operation hash.
height int64
Block height.
cycle int64
Cycle in which the operation was included on-chain.
time datetime
Block time at which the operation was included on-chain.
op_n int64
Operation position in block.
op_p int64
Tezos RPC operation list position.
status enum
Operation execution status applied, failed, backtracked, skipped.
is_success int64
Flag indicating operation was successfully applied.
is_contract bool
Flag indicating smart-contract calls.
is_event bool
Flag indicating implicit on-chain events, ie. state changes that don't have an operation hash such as bake, unfreeze, seed_slash, airdrop, invoice, subsidy, deposit, reward, bonus.
is_internal bool
Flag indicating if this operation was sent be a smart contract.
is_rollup bool
Flag indicating this operation is a rollup call.
counter int64
Unique sender account 'nonce' value.
gas_limit int64
Caller-defined gas limit.
gas_used int64
Gas used by the operation.
storage_limit int64
Caller-defined storage limit.
storage_paid int64
Part of the storage the operation paid for.
volume money
Amount of tokens transferred in tez.
fee money
Fees paid in tez.
reward money
Rewards earned in tez.
deposit money
Amount of deposited tokens in tez.
burned money
Amount of burned tokens in tez.
sender_id uint64
Unique row id of the operation sender account.
receiver_id uint64
Unique row id of the transaction receiver, may be zero.
manager_id uint64
Unique row id of the new manager account, may be zero.
baker_id int64
Unique row id of the new baker account, may be zero.
data bytes
Extra operation-specific data, see decoding operation data.
parameters bytes
Call parameters as hex-encoded binary data serialized according to Micheline serialization for protocol v005 Babylon.
storage_hash bytes
Hash of the storage after update, contract-only. For performance reasons the raw storage is no longer included, use relevant explorer API endpoints to fetch individual storage updates.
big_map_diff bytes
Inserted, updated or deleted bigmap entries as hex-encoded binary data serialized according to Micheline serialization for protocol v005 Babylon, contract-only.
errors bytes
When failed, contains details about the reason as escaped JSON string.
days_destroyed float
Token days destroyed by this operation (tokens transferred * token idle time).
sender hash
Address of the operation sender, always set.
receiver hash
Address of the receiver of a transaction, may be empty.
creator hash
Address of the original source of a contract call, may be empty.
baker hash
Address of the new delegate account, may be empty.
block hash
Block the operation was included in.
entrypoint string
Name of the contract entrypoint if op is a contract call.
code_hash bytes
Short hash to uniquely identify the contract code, first 8 bytes of the SHA256 hash over binary encoded Michelson script code.

Example Request

curl "https://api.tzpro.io/tables/op?time.gte=today&limit=1
import (
// create a new query object
q := tzstats.DefaultClient.NewOpQuery()
// add filters and configure the query
q.WithFilter(tzstats.FilterModeGte, "time", "today").WithLimit(1)
// execute the query
list, err := q.Run(context.Background())
// process ops
if _, row := range list.Rows {

Example Response (comments added for explanation)

16848289, // row_id
"endorsement", // type
"opGz2Sg1QiXchJMyz9v1rV9VN7mQadmkL81KVwteANQWZpgV5ew", // hash
689942, // height
168, // cycle
1573516812000, // time
0, // op_n
0, // op_p
"applied", // status
1, // is_success
0, // is_contract
0, // is_internal
0, // is_event
0, // is_rollup
0, // counter
0, // gas_limit
0, // gas_used
0, // storage_limit
0, // storage_paid
0.000000, // volume
0.000000, // fee
2.000000, // reward
64.000000, // deposit
0.000000, // burned
18957, // sender_id
0, // receiver_id
0, // creator_id
0, // baker_id
"128", // data
null, // parameters
null, // storage
null, // big_map_diff
null, // errors
0, // days_destroyed
"tz1Z2jXfEXL7dXhs6bsLmyLFLfmAkXBzA9WE", // sender
null, // receiver
null, // creator
null // baker
"BLKYeKsYgoQWkrQwSVuR5diN5RtM4WNpQaSyzGdhm5onVZhAWVz", // block hash
"", // entrypoint name