Income Table

List detailed baker income and income statistics. This table is extended for all active bakers at each cycle and updated at every block until a cycle is complete. That way, rows for open cycles will always contain live data up to the most recent block in the chain.

HTTP Response

row_id uint64
Unique row identifier.
cycle int64
Cycle this income relates to.
account_id uint64
Unique row_id of the baker account this income relates to.
rolls int64
Number of rolls at snapshot block, deprecated by Ithaca+.
balance money
A baker's own balance, composed of spendable balance and frozen deposits plus frozen fees (at snapshot block). Note that frozen rewards do not contribute towards rolls, hence they are not part of balance here.
delegated money
Delegated balance (at snapshot block).
activate_stake money
Amount of stake, used in Ithaca+.
n_delegations int64
Count of incoming non-zero delegations (at snapshot block).
n_baking_rights int64
Count of baking rights in this cycle.
n_endorsing_rights int64
Count of endorsing rights in this cycle.
luck money
Absolute luck in coins, i.e. the amount of extra coins that can be earned because randomization allocated more rights than the fair share of rolls.
luck_percent float
Relation between actual random rights allocated vs. ideal rights gainable by rolls. Neutral luck is 100%, lower values indicated less rights than fair share, higher values indicate more rights.
performance_percent float
Effectiveness of a baker in generating expected rewards. Optimal performance is 100%. The value is lower when blocks or endorsements are missed, low value blocks/endorsements are published or the baker is slashed and higher when extra income was generated from stolen blocks or denunciations. NOTE: This value is not ratio scale nor interval scale. CANNOT be used as benchmark between bakers.
contribution_percent float
Effectiveness of a baker in utilizing all rights assigned and contribute to consensus. Optimal contribution is 100%. The value is lower when blocks or endorsements are missed and higher when blocks are stolen. NOTE: This value is ratio scale. It can be used as benchmark for baker availability or participation in consensus. It is strongly correlated to generated income, but does not capture low priority blocks, endorsements or slashing.
n_blocks_baked int64
Number of blocks baked in
this cycle.
n_blocks_proposed int64
Number of block payloads proposed in this cycle (post-Ithaca payload proposer and block baker can be different).
n_blocks_not_baked int64
Number of blocks not baked although rights existed (previously called lost).
n_blocks_endorsed int64
Number of blocks endorsed.
n_blocks_not_endorsed int64
Number of blocks not endorsed although rights existed (previously called missed).
n_slots_endorsed int64
Number of slots endorsed in this cycle.
n_seeds_revealed int64
Number of seed nonces revealed in this cycle.
expected_income money
Total income expected based on endorsing and priority 0 baking rights.
total_income money
Total sum of all income (note: due to losses, the actual true income may be smaller which is not reflected by this field alone).
total_deposits money
Actual deposits (note: due to losses, the actual bonds that will later be unfrozen may be smaller).
baking_income money
Total income from baking blocks.
endorsing_income money
Total income from endorsing blocks.
accusation_income money
Total income from denouncing double baking and endorsing.
seed_income money
Total income from publishing seed nonces.
fees_income money
Total income from fees.
total_loss money
Total lost income due to denunciations or unpublished seed nonces. NOTE: This does not automatically reduce total_income above.
accusation_loss money
Lost value due to a punishments.
seed_loss money
Loss due to an unpublished seed nonces. (fees and rewards)
endorsing_loss money
Lost rewards due too low participation in Ithaca+.
lost_accusation_fees money
Lost fees due to double signing.
lost_accusation_rewards money
Lost rewards due to double signing.
lost_accusation_deposits money
Lost deposits due to double signing.
lost_seed_fees money
Lost fees due to unpublished seed nonces (only applicable pre-Ithaca).
lost_seed_rewards money
Lost rewards due to unpublished seed nonces (pre-Ithaca this is single block rewards, post-Ithaca an unpublished seed nonce leads to loss of the entire endorsing rewards for a cycle).
address hash
Account address base58check encoded.
start_time datetime
Income cycle start time.
end_time datetime
Income cycle end time.

Example Request

curl ""

Example Response (comments added for explanation)

64698, // row_id
150, // cycle
278469, // account_id
3576, // rolls
3183854.077395, // balance
25426700.898205, // delegated
0, // active_stake
4, // n_delegations
199, // n_baking_rights
6507, // n_endorsing_rights
-292.000000, // luck
98.230000, // luck_percent
99.87, // performance_percent
100.00, // contribution_percent
201, // n_blocks_baked
201, // n_blocks_proposed
0, // n_blocks_not_baked
3293, // n_blocks_endorsed
0, // n_blocks_not_endorsed
6507, // n_slots_endorsed
15, // n_seeds_revealed
16198.000000, // expected_income
16176.875000, // total_income
519360.000000, // total_deposits
3216.000000, // baking_income
12959.000000, // endorsing_income
0.000000, // accusation_income
1.875000, // seed_income
1.680381, // fees_income
0, // total_loss
0, // accusation_loss
0, // seed_loss
0, // endorsing_loss
0, // lost_accusation_fees
0, // lost_accusation_rewards
0, // lost_accusation_deposits
0, // lost_seed_fees
0, // lost_seed_rewards
"tz2TSvNTh2epDMhZHrw73nV9piBX7kLZ9K9m", // address
1568887343000, // start_time
1569136305000 // end_time