Flow Table

GET https://api.tzpro.io/tables/flow?args
List balance updates on all sub-accounts and different categories. Our categories go beyond on-chain types and include baking, denunciations, vesting contracts and the invoicing feature of protocol upgrades.

HTTP Response

row_id uint64
Unique row identifier.
height int64
Block height at which this flow was created.
cycle int64
Cycle at which this flow was created.
time datetime
Block time at which this flow was created.
op_n int64
Related operation position in block.
op_c int64
Related bulk operation list position.
op_i int64
Related internal operation list position.
account_id uint64
Unique row_id of the account this flow relates to.
counterparty_id uint64
Unique row_id of the counterparty that initiated/received the flow.
category enum
Flow category (i.e. sub-account) rewards, deposits, fees, balance, delegation.
operation enum
Operation creating this flow endorsement, transaction, origination, delegation, reveal, baking, nonce_revelation, activation, penalty, internal, invoice, airdrop, subsidy, register_constant, bonus, reward, deposit, deposits_limit, rollup_origination, rollup_transaction, rollup_reward, rollup_penalty,pay_storage, update_consensus_key, drain
amount_in money
Incoming amount in tez.
amount_out money
Outgoing amount in tez.
is_fee bool
Flag indicating this flow is a fee payment.
is_burned bool
Flag indicating this flow burns coins.
is_frozen bool
Flag indicating this flow goes towards a freezer sub-account.
is_unfrozen bool
Flag indicating this flow comes from a freezer sub-account.
is_shielded bool
Flag indicating this flow shielded coins in Sapling.
is_unshielded bool
Flag indicating this flow unshielded coins from Sapling.
token_age float
Age of tokens moved in days.
address hash
Address of the related account.
counterparty hash
Address of the counterparty of this flow.

Example Request

curl "https://api.tzpro.io/tables/flow?address=tz2TSvNTh2epDMhZHrw73nV9piBX7kLZ9K9m&limit=1"

Example Response (comments added for explanation)

24807689, // row_id
360996, // height
88, // cycle
1553123452000, // time
24, // op_n
0, // op_c
0, // op_i
278469, // account_id
31922, // counterparty_id
"balance", // category
"transaction", // operation
2.000000, // amount_in
0.000000, // amount_out
0, // is_fee
0, // is_burned
0, // is_frozen
0, // is_unfrozen
0, // is_shielded
0, // is_unshielded
60, // token_age
"tz2TSvNTh2epDMhZHrw73nV9piBX7kLZ9K9m", // address
"tz1Yju7jmmsaUiG9qQLoYv35v5pHgnWoLWbt" // counterparty