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Version: 0.9.1

TzPro API Docs

🌱 Get Started

TzPro is a developer-friendly API for accessing raw and indexed data from the Tezos Blockchain.

📦 Available Services

Everything you need to be successful on Tezos:

  • Tezos RPC – ground-truth & mempool data from rolling or archive nodes, transaction sending
  • Tezos Index – transactions, wallet & contract state, bakers info, etc.
  • Token Index – everything about financial assets, NFTs, LP, domains, minting, transfers, metadata
  • DeFi Index – in-depth activity, positions, prices across all DEX, farming and lending protocols
  • NFT Index – sales, listings, auctions, prices and analytics across all NFT markets
  • Identity Index – Domains, Profiles, smart contract metadata and curated metadata on well known wallets
  • Price Index – fiat prices, token prices, NFT prices

Try one of our Go SDKs for quick and simple integration:

  • TzGo SDK, powerful Golang library for working directly with the Tezos RPC
  • TzPro SDK, official TzPro Golang SDK for integrating your services and apps

Learn more about available plans and pricing on the website. For large projects we offer private API servers with unlimited volume and max performance. Talk to us on Discord or send us an email if you are interested.