Chain Table

List running totals of network-wide statistics. This table is updated at each block.

HTTP Response

row_id uint64
Unique row identifier.
height int64
Block height the current row refers to.
cycle int64
Cycle the current row refers to.
time datetime
Block time in UNIX milliseconds the current row refers to.
total_accounts int64
Total count of existing funded & non-funded accounts.
total_contracts int64
Total count of deployed smart contracts.
total_rollups int64
Total count of deployed rollups.
total_ops int64
Total count of on-chain operations.
total_ops_failed int6
Total count of failed on-chain ops.
total_contract_ops int64
Total count of smart contract calls (sent to or originated from contracts).
total_contract_calls int64
Total number of on-chain calls to KT1 contracts sent by EOAs.
total_rollup_calls int64
Total number of rollup calls.
total_activations int64
Total count of activate_account operations.
total_nonce_revelations int64
Total count of nonce_revelation operations.
total_endorsements int64
Total count of endorsement operations.
total_preendorsements int64
Total count of preendorsement operations.
total_double_bakings int64
Total count of double_baking_evidence operations.
total_double_baking_evidences int64
Total count of double_baking_evidence operations.
total_double_endorse int64
Total count of double_endorsement_evidence operations.
total_delegations int64
Total count of delegation operations.
total_reveals int64
Total count of reveal operations.
total_originations int64
Total count of origination operations.
total_transactions int64
Total count of transaction operations.
total_proposals int64
Total count of proposals operations.
total_ballots int64
Total count of ballot operations.
total_constants int64
Total count of register_global_constant operations.
total_set_limits int64
Total count of set_deposits_limit operations.
total_storage_bytes int64
Total count of storage bytes allocated.
funded_accounts int64
Current number of funded accounts.
dust_accounts int64
Current number of dust accounts (0 < balance < 1tez).
unclaimed_accounts int64
Current number of unclaimed fundraiser accounts.
total_delegators int64
Current number of non-zero delegators.
active_delegators int64
Current number of non-zero delegators who delegate to an active delegate.
inactive_delegators int64
Total count of non-zero delegators who delegate to an inactive delegate.
dust_delegators int64
Total count of dust delegators.
total_bakers int64
Current number of registered bakers (active and inactive).
active_bakers int64
Current number of active bakers.
inactive_bakers int64
Current number of Current number of inactive bakers (note: inactive bakers can still have future rights, but won't get any new rights).
zero_bakers int64
Current number of active bakers with zero staking balance.
self_bakers int64
Current number of active bakers who self-bake only and have no incoming delegations.
single_bakers int64
Current number of active bakers who potentially self-bake and have only a single incoming delegation.
multi_bakers int64
Current number of bakers (potentially staking services) who have more than 1 incoming delegation.
rolls int64
Current number of network-wide rolls.
roll_owners int64
Current number of network-wide roll owners.

Example Request

curl ""
import (
// create a new query object
q := tzstats.DefaultClient.NewChainQuery()
// add filters and configure the query
q.WithFilter(tzstats.FilterModeGte, "time", "today").WithLimit(1)
// execute the query
list, err := q.Run(context.Background())
// access that chain status
if list.Len() == 1 {

Example Response (comments added for explanation)

632250, // row_id
632249, // height
154, // cycle
1569974422000, // time
334414, // total_accounts
108, // total_contracts
0, // total_rollups
15227175, // total_ops
123456, // total_ops_failed
7139, // total_contract_ops
0, // total_contract_calls
0, // total_rollup_calls
20774, // total_activations
19559, // total_nonce_revelations
13113009, // total_endorsements
0, // total_preendorsements
127, // total_double_bakings
24, // total_double_endorsements
29354, // total_delegations
223262, // total_reveals
26863, // total_originations
1793082, // total_transactions
404, // total_proposals
725, // total_ballots
0, // total_constants
0, // total_set_limits
8747841, // total_storage_bytes
298796, // funded_accounts
200000, // dust_accounts
10751, // unclaimed_accounts
17567, // total_delegators
17105, // active_delegators
462, // inactive_delegators
200, // dust_delegators
72059, // rolls
462 // roll_owners