Block Table

List detailed information about each block, including orphans.

HTTP Response

row_id uint64
Unique row identifier.
parent_id uint64
Unique row id of parent block.
hash hash
Block hash.
height int64
Block height.
cycle int64
Consensus cycle this block is part of.
is_cycle_snapshot bool
Flag indicating this block is a cycle snapshot.
time datetime
Block timestamp.
solvetime int64
Duration between the parent block's timestamp and this block.
version int64
Block protocol version (note, this is a serial version that depends on how many protocols have been activated on the current chain so far).
round int64
Baking round/priority.
nonce uint64
Block nonce.
voting_period_kind enum
Current voting period proposal, exploration, cooldown, promotion, adoption.
baker_id uint64
Baker account id.
proposer_id uint64
Proposer account id.
n_endorsed_slots int64
Count of endorsed slots. (Note this field will be set from endorsements published in the subsequent block.)
n_ops_applied int64
Count of successful operations.
n_ops_failed int64
Count of failed operations.
n_calls int64
Count of smart contract calls (transactions sent to contracts by externally owned accounts excluding internal operations sent between contracts).
n_rollup_calls int64
Count of rollup operations.
n_events int64
Count of implicit protocol events.
volume money
Total amount of tokens moved between accounts.
fee money
Total fees paid (and frozen) by all operations.
reward money
Reward earned (and frozen) by baker.
deposit money
Deposit frozen by baker.
activated_supply money
Total amount of commitments activated in tez.
burned_supply money
Total amount of tokens burned by operations in tez.
minted_supply money
Total amount of new tokens minted by operations in tez.
n_accounts int64
Count of accounts seen in this block (i.e. this includes all operation senders, receivers, delegates and the block's baker).
n_new_accounts int64
Count of new EOA accounts created (tz1/2/3).
n_new_contracts int64
Count of created smart contracts (KT1 with code).
n_cleared_accounts int64
Count of accounts that were emptied (final balance = 0).
n_funded_accounts int64
Count of accounts that were funded by operations (this includes all new accounts plus previously cleared accounts that were funded again).
gas_limit int64
Total gas limit defined by operations.
gas_used int64
Total gas consumed by operations.
storage_paid int64
Total sum of new storage allocated by operations.
lb_esc_ema int64
Granada liquidity baking vote moving average.
lb_esc_vote bool
Granada liquidity baking disable vote flag.
pct_account_reuse int
Percentage of existing accounts seen this block.
baker hash
Address of the block baker account.
proposer hash
Address of the block proposer account.
protocol hash
Hash of the protocol that was active at this block.
baker_consensus_key hash
Baker key (address) used to sign this block.
proposer_consensus_key hash
Baker key (address) to sign the payload.

Example Request

import (
// create a new query object
q := tzstats.DefaultClient.NewBlockQuery()
// add filters and configure the query
q.WithFilter(tzstats.FilterModeGte, "time", "today").WithLimit(1)
// execute the query
list, err := q.Run(context.Background())
// access that block
if list.Len() == 1 {

Example Response (comments added for explanation)

632250, // row_id
632249, // parent_id
"BMapnMicyiqFsWU9NdqXvfQJQcpFfzWHMicRRjALEMNngkefd7B", // hash
632249, // height
154, // cycle
0, // is_cycle_snapshot
1569974422000, // time
60, // solvetime
4, // version
0, // round / priority
"000000036e731d39", // nonce
"promotion", // voting_period_kind
35034, // baker_id
35034, // proposer_id
32, // n_endorsed_slots
0, // n_ops_failed
0, // n_ops_contract
0, // n_calls
0, // n_rollup_calls
1, // n_events
10529.635160, // volume
0.004140, // fee
80.000000, // reward
2560.000000, // deposit
0.000000, // activated_supply
0.000000, // burned_supply
0.000000, // minted_supply
31, // n_accounts
0, // n_new_accounts
0, // n_new_contracts
0, // n_cleared_accounts
0, // n_funded_accounts
32100, // gas_limit
30414, // gas_used
0, // storage_paid
false, // lb_esc_vote
0, // lb_esc_ema
100, // pct_account_reuse
"tz1hThMBD8jQjFt78heuCnKxJnJtQo9Ao25X", // baker
"tz1hThMBD8jQjFt78heuCnKxJnJtQo9Ao25X", // proposer
"Pt24m4xiPbLDhVgVfABUjirbmda3yohdN82Sp9FeuAXJ4eV9otd" // protocol
"tz1hThMBD8jQjFt78heuCnKxJnJtQo9Ao25X", // baker_consensus_key
"tz1hThMBD8jQjFt78heuCnKxJnJtQo9Ao25X", // proposer_consensus_key