Bigmap Value Table

Lists individual bigmap values exist in a bigmap at the time of the call. Use this table to bulk-fetch large quantities of bigmap content. A better way might be to use the explorer API endpoints.

HTTP Response

row_id uint64
Unique row identifier.
bigmap_id int64
Unique on-chain id of the bigmap.
height int64
Height when this key was last updated.
time datetime
Time of the latest key update.
key_id uint64
Short hash of the bigmap key.
hash string
Tezos script expression hash of the key.
key string
Hex string with Micheline encoded data for the key.
value string
Hex string with Micheline encoded data for the value.

Example Request

curl ""
import (
// create a new query object
q := tzstats.DefaultClient.NewBigmapValueQuery()
// need typs for decoding
info, err := tzstats.DefaultClient.GetBigmap(
keyType := info.MakeKeyType()
valType := info.MakeValueType()
// add filters and configure the query to list all active keys
q.WithFilter(tzstats.FilterModeEqual, "bigmap_id", 511).
// execute the query
list, err := q.Run(context.Background())
// walk bigmap updates
for _, row := range list.Rows {
// access BigmapRow structs (use TzGo Type/Value to decode binary data)
key := row.GetKey(keyType)
val := row.GetValue(valType)

Example Response (comments added for explanation)

3447263, // row_id
515, // bigmap_id
3143289717337607700, // key_id
1669888, // height
"07070a0000001600003f365276e50080856992f4382eaf5e4e6e6b93360000", // key
"00bca2f501", // value
"exprucYwnpqVYDKuUkPsoGAJ4213DjAJHef2FSqrLx66aFoyEn1Ygv" // key_hash
1630908360000 // time