Ballot Table

List individual ballot operations sent by bakers during votes.

HTTP Response

row_id uint64
Unique row identifier.
election_id uint64
Unique row_id of the election this proposal was submitted in.
proposal_id uint64
Unique row_id of the proposal that is voted for.
voting_period int64
On-chain sequence number of the voting period this ballot was cast at.
voting_period_kind enum
Type of the voting period proposal, exploration, cooldown, promotion, adoption.
height int64
Block height where the ballot was included
time datetime
Block time where the ballot was included.
source_id uint64
Unique row_id if the ballot sender account.
op_id uint64
Unique row_id if the ballot operation.
rolls int64
Number of rolls owned by source.
stake money
Amount of stake owned by source.
ballot enum
The actual ballot yay, nay, pass.
source hash
Address of the ballot sender account.
op hash
Hash of the ballot operation.
proposal hash
Hash of the proposal that is voted on, if any.

Example Request

curl ""

Example Response (comments added for explanation)

856, // row_id
13, // election_id
5, // proposal_id
16, // voting_period
"exploration", // voting_period_kind
557061, // height
1565333732000, // time
63795, // source_id
13150288, // op_id
6, // rolls
48,000, // stake
"yay", // ballot
"tz1abmz7jiCV2GH2u81LRrGgAFFgvQgiDiaf", // source
"onw6yGKFPucybjz5ysTRoohdnZMt9UFkTo6RdUFe7vcMp5aGv4s", // op
"PsBABY5HQTSkA4297zNHfsZNKtxULfL18y95qb3m53QJiXGmrbU" // proposal