Metadata API

The Metadata API delivers off-chain information on well-known accounts and smart contracts. We curate and update a list of well-known addresses of bakers, exchanges, NFT and DeFi projects and others to help applications identify public addresses. In addition we automatically collect standard contract and token metadata published by smart contracts on-chain as well as Tezos domain names and their reverse records.
The Explorer API lets you embed metadata for blocks, operations and accounts with the meta=1 query argument. This adds the optional field metadata to the result which contains known metadata for related addresses (e.g. baker, sender, receiver etc.) including all available schemas.

Metadata example for the Hic et Nunc smart contract

// ... regular object data for account
// embedded metadata for related addresses
"metadata": {
// curated contract metadata
"KT1HbQepzV1nVGg8QVznG7z4RcHseD5kwqBn": {
"address": "KT1HbQepzV1nVGg8QVznG7z4RcHseD5kwqBn",
"alias": {
"name": "Hic et Nunc Marketplace",
"kind": "nft",
"logo": "KT1Hkg5qeNhfwpKW4fXvq7HGZB9z2EnmCCA9.png"
"social": {
// Tezos Domains data for contract creator address
"address": "tz1Y1j7FK1X9Rrv2VdPz5bXoU7SszF8W1RnK",
"alias": {
"name": "ungrund.tez",
"kind": "other"
"name": "ungrund.tez",
"records": [{
"address": "tz1Y1j7FK1X9Rrv2VdPz5bXoU7SszF8W1RnK",
"name": "ungrund.tez",
"owner": "tz1Y1j7FK1X9Rrv2VdPz5bXoU7SszF8W1RnK",
"expiry": "2022-05-24T05:23:18Z"
"address": "tz1Y1j7FK1X9Rrv2VdPz5bXoU7SszF8W1RnK",
"name": "hicetnunc.tez",
"owner": "tz1Y1j7FK1X9Rrv2VdPz5bXoU7SszF8W1RnK",
"expiry": "2022-05-24T20:40:26Z"
"address": "tz1Y1j7FK1X9Rrv2VdPz5bXoU7SszF8W1RnK",
"name": "wuwei.tez",
"owner": "tz1Y1j7FK1X9Rrv2VdPz5bXoU7SszF8W1RnK",
"expiry": "2022-10-06T03:56:56Z"

Available Endpoints

The following endpoints are available to query and manage address and token metadata. Note that on the public API this metadata is read-only and curated by us. On dedicated instances customers have the ability to manage their own metadata including the definition of own schemas.
GET /metadata/{hash}[/{id}]
Get structured account & token metadata
GET /metadata/schemas
List supported JSON schema names
GET /metadata/schemas/{schema}
Get JSON schema definition
POST /metadata
Create new metadata entry for an address or token (private instance only)
DELETE /metadata
Purge all metadata (private instance only)
PUT /metadata/{hash}[/{id}]
Update metadata entry (private instance only)
DELETE /metadata/{hash}[/{id}]
Remove metadata entry (private instance only)

Pre-defined Schemas

We provide a list of pre-defined schemas in combination with our curated list of metadata entries for public accounts and smart contracts.
Common name, logo and classification.
Generic Layer 2 asset information.
Tezos baker related information.
Tezos Domains alias domains and optional reverse record.
Geographical location and coordinates.
Generic media URIs and format definitions.
Baker payout address info.
Content and license rightsholder info.
Social media handles.
Tezos TZIP-16 metadata standard.
Tezos TZIP-21 metadata standard.
Metadata record update information.

Custom Schemas

It is possible to register custom user-defined metadata schemas with us. Owners of on-demand instances can send a request to create one or more private metadata schemas to [email protected]. The schema definition must have a unique name (ASCII, non-whitespace), be valid and compatible with JSON Schema draft 2019-09 or earlier.